Confession………I Am a Christian with Road Rage

imagesWhen I’m driving on the interstate and someone comes out of no where and cuts me off……….I can deal with that.  If traffic is at a stand still and my car has only inched it’s way a hundred feet in an hour…….I simply hum away to the radio.  Dealing with crazy dare-devil drivers and time inconveniences due to lots of people trying to go in the same direction at the same time is just part of the automobile transportation package.  What is the point of getting your blood pressure up?

Now, change scenery.  Perhaps it is the entrance of a tunnel.  Maybe it’s coming off an onramp onto a busy interstate.  Or, it could be one of my most favorite places of all…….Chic-Fil-A…….like it was last night.  Our local chain restaurant was offering ‘Green Recipt Day’, which is a special receipt that entitles you to receive the exact same order you purchased on this day, on a different day for free.  Sounded wonderful, as who wouldn’t want free food from the most amazing restaurant on earth, so Dave and I headed there last night to pick up dinner.

When we neared the establishment, we were stopped a ways away from the parking lot.  It was so busy that there were cars lined up on both sides of the entrance waiting to turn in.  I pulled into the line and we proceeded to wait 20 minutes and barely moved a foot.  After sticking my head out the window to assess the situation, the problem became clear.  Good people were behaving like bad people and NOT TAKING TURNS!!

LOOK OUT!!  I can't always keep the red hair from flyin'!!

LOOK OUT!! I can’t always keep the red hair from flyin’!!

There you go…….cue the rage.  Most people would describe me as a good woman.  I don’t cuss, I don’t yell at people (besides an occasional teenager who lives in my house), and I am generous with my time, money, and belongings.  I try really hard to be the best Servant of Christ that I can be………but that all unravels when people do not take turns!

No longer able to stand the injustice of the situation, I got out of our line and calmly told the offender in the other line that they were being totally unfair and that they should be ashamed of themselves for not letting others in…… a Chic-Fil-A at that!  A Christian thing to do?  Absolutely not.  Am I ashamed at myself for letting my temper get the best of me?  Absolutely.  Will it get my hackles up if it happens again?  Probably.

Hee Hee......

Hee Hee……

That is the human nature side of things.  We will sin, no matter how hard we try not to.  We will try our best to repent of the sins that have a lasting hold on us, pray to God for help as we know that we can do nothing without Him, but in the end, we are still human.  It has been a few years since I have stuck my head out the window to yell at someone for not taking turns (what, am I four years old????) but, something in me just lost it last night.  Holding down that monster that lives inside all of us…….who I know very well to be Satan…….is one of the hardest things I do on a daily basis.

road rage1I’m back on the wagon again.  It should be another couple of years before I lose it again, and who knows?  Maybe I will finally get a handle on my road rage and be free of the anger at otherwise nice people who get selfish and want to ‘beat’ everyone else by not letting others in……..or maybe I won’t.  Either way, God knows me, loves me, and will be with me as I struggle to let Him take over when the road rage strikes again 🙂





2 responses to “Confession………I Am a Christian with Road Rage

  1. I am struggling with road rage as well, no matter how many prayers I say! I am glad that I am not alone in this.

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