Packing and Preparing for a Move…….I Feel Like a Woman without a Country


0120151320cMy husband, kids and I always joke with our friends and family that we are like a bunch of Gypsies………we thrive on moving around from place to place…….what a thrill to land in different abodes and discover the quirks and charms of each new dwelling that we deem home.  We have moved a total of 6 times since my teens were born, and each has brought its share of blessings and heartaches.  This 7th move is gearing up to be more of the same, while the house we have chosen is a big, bountiful beauty, it also needs tons of work which will surely usher in its own unique challenges at times.


0120151454The details are still being hammered out……..we will do this, the rental company will do that…….restoring homes to their potential is our specialty, and usually earns us the discount of lower rent or more perks.  Although I left behind a lucrative painting career years ago to follow God by homeschooling our brood of bio and foster babies, I still miss the creative adventures of such a business.  This way, I get the best of both worlds.


So why then, do I feel like a woman without a country?  I must be getting old, but this go round has me a little stressed…….in fact, when the family was taking votes on whether or not to move or stay put after 4 years in our current house, I voted ‘no’ for the very first time.  The thought of living in limbo for several months until we found the new paradise, and then packing, moving, repainting, reorganizing, and learning the new area, just didn’t seem all that appealing to me anymore.  Of course, the ultimate decision to move was made because Dave needing to relocate for his job, but if it wasn’t for that fact, I would have gladly stayed.


0120151809aMuch of the reasons why I want to continue living here is that this house actually works for our family.  I feel like I finally figured out how to organize our belongings and schedules to best suit all of our crazy personalities and shortcomings, yet also bring out the best of our strengths.  A little dramatic for just a house, yes, but I will be sad for other things as well.  My oldest son became a man here, and my daughter learned to become an amazing chef here.  We became foster parents in this house, our precious Coconut became our son in this house and we said goodbye to our Goldilocks in this house.    A day-and-a-half-old-angel-straight-from-Heaven was delivered to our arms in this living room, and in the upstairs nursery, a little girl named Kiwi captured our hearts.  This was quite a house.

Goodbye sweet house.......

Goodbye sweet house…….


Our New Home

We asked God to lead us on this one, just like we ask Him to lead us in all things, and I know He is.  There is great comfort in that, even though the practical and sentimental side of me is starting to rebel against losing the reigns.  The house we are bargaining for is truly wonderful, even though it is rough around the edges.  Our pastor and church family have told us that they can move all of our ‘big family’ belongings in one trip…….how we will miss them if the commute becomes too great!  My mother will work her magic in my kitchen and lend her elbow grease along with mine to restore the neglected woodwork.  My dad will help us create carpentry wonderment and make the deck a safe place to play for all of our youngin’s.  My husband and son will clear out all of the trash and debris in our new yards, and my daughter and I will decorate our new rooms to resemble a cross between Little Women and Little House on the Prairie.

This kitchen was the deciding factor......many a bread loaf, family meal, and art lesson will this kitchen see!

This kitchen was the deciding factor……many a bread loaf, family meal, and art lesson will this kitchen see!

So, I might be without a country for the next 30 days that we are in limbo……….30 days to prepare to vacate our current residence, and 30 days to wait for us to inhabit our newest Gypsy adventure………but, how blessed we are!  I will focus on that instead of all the rest 🙂



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