We’re Moving…..

I would do anything for my amazing husband Dave, and he takes such good care of us!

I would do anything for my amazing husband Dave, and he takes such good care of us!

My husband has an amazing job that he loves, that provides for our family, but is sometimes almost 2 hours away from our house.  He goes on-call for his job several times a year, which sends him out into the wee hours sometimes to fix problems.  The zone he is assigned to is a large and vast amount of space, which takes him anywhere from 45 minutes to hours of travel time before arrival.  It takes a toll, but he does it happily……..so I can be close to my Mama, my Daddy, and my sister and her family.

Living close to my family became a top priority very early in our marriage.  I moved away from home when Dave and I were dating to be closer to his home, almost an hour away from my parents.  His mother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis and his father worked nights, so Dave was responsible for her care while he was gone.  That made it difficult for him to come and see me while we were getting to know each other.  Pulling up stakes seemed easy at the time, and it was exciting to live in a different area.  It didn’t last long, and after a year, I was completely homesick and missing the easy commute to my parents and sister.  Dave and I moved back soon after.

movingAfter nearly 20 years, we will once again be moving away from the comfort of my hometown.  After talk of rezoning Dave’s route and the toll of such a lengthy and potentially dangerous commute, we realize the necessity of moving closer to where Dave works.  It is bittersweet.  On the one hand, I no longer have to worry about him falling asleep while he drives, he will get home to us earlier every night, and he can show us the delights of the city in which he works.  Another benefit will be for DJ, as he will also be closer to his job and will no longer have to pay the expensive tunnel tolls.  The downside is obviously the commute that I will now face when visiting our family and friends.  Depending on where we find a home to rent, it could be a 30 minute drive, or an hour drive.  Not something that my parents, my sister, or I are looking forward to.   Casey is being very brave, but I know she is dreading moving away from her friends and her violin teacher.

Everyone has been really great through all of this…….I mean really great.  My Mama has always threatened bodily harm if we ever thought of moving away from her 🙂  My Daddy has always been quiet about it, but I know that he loves being close to his daughters as much as we love being near to him.  When I lost my beloved pug a few weeks ago, he was the one beside me as we dug her grave……..something we did together years before when he lost his dog.  To say that my parents are my rock is an understatement.  Yet, they have encouraged us to go for Dave’s sake, to do what we have to do for our family, and that God will make our decisions clear.  My sister is still crying, but our relationship is like the bond of twins……separation will not come easily for us.

I can't live without my Sam's Club........I pray there is one nearby!

I can’t live without my Sam’s Club……..I pray there is one nearby!

Seeking comfort and wisdom is our prayer now.  Knowing that we are within God’s Will for our family will give us the faith to step out.  Finding the perfect house with 5 bedrooms to accommodate all of our young’ins will be hard, along with the other criteria that we must meet for our own needs, and the rules of the foster care agency that we work with.  Although I have traveled to the beach area to enjoy the actual beach, I don’t know an awful lot about the area that we are moving to.  Finding a family-friendly and safe neighborhood is our top priority, but as the wife and mother, I have other things on my mind as well.  Learning a new area, finding the right grocery stores, thrift stores, public school for speech services, parks, library, and restaurants will be a process all in itself………but, I will make sure that it is a fun and exciting one for the children.

Setting up my homeschool art lessons in a new place will mean painfully loosing some students, while hopefully gaining some new ones.  A few of my students and parents have claimed to loyally follow me anywhere, but for others, I know the commute will be too great to fit it into their homeschool schedule, and I completely understand.  Finding a new homeschool group shouldn’t be too difficult in a larger city, but the thought is a daunting one……as is finding a new church home……..we had finally found such an amazing church, it breaks my heart that we will be leaving them behind as well!  So many changes…….

Our entire homeschool is firmly centered around God's Word and Christ's Love.

Yet, no matter all these things, no matter the uncertainty, there is one absolutely concrete thing about this move……..God will be with us through the whole journey.  He will extend His Grace to my family and I as we put these additional miles between us, giving us the peace that we need to see that it is not the end of the world 🙂  He will provide exactly the type of house that we need, and probably some of the desirable features we are looking for too.  He will restore my classes if that is His plan, He will settle us in with His people at the church of His choosing, and He will protect our foster babies hearts as they deal with the ‘trauma’ of moving.  He is the beginning and the end to everything that we face, so I will not walk through this change in fear…….I will embrace the joys of a new city, a new way of life……and I will be prayerful and thankful while I do.



2 responses to “We’re Moving…..

  1. I know this is scary but it is amazing to watch how God works everything out. We have moved several times as it is part of my husband’s job. Not with fosterbabies but with 4 boys. Our first move away from my home town and parents and sister.(same as you) our boys ranged from 4-10 so they were still young. Our move to where we are now my 2nd oldest was in his grade 12 yr.and it turned out to be his best year ever. We have lived 24hrs from our home town……now we live 1 hr &1/2 from our precious family. Trust me ……it seems so close when you have lived so far!! I chuckled when I read you were gonna be about an hour away….in some cities that is the commute!heehee I do know that when you are a close family it is so hard not just being able to pop back and forth.I really missed that when we were so far. I can tell you that God stretches you in a move in many ways. We have met so many wonderful people that we keep in touch with and can’t imagine not knowing and having as a part of our life. That is the fun part of moving. Where we live now is where we have begun fostering journey. I know there will be at least 1 more move for us……right now we are content to just be here til God decides otherwise…..and that is the key….listening to God. It isn’t easy…..but it is good. I will be praying for you and your sweet family as you navigate this new journey. God will work out the tiniest details.

    • Thank you so much for your story…..it really boosted my spirits today! The prayers are appreciated too 🙂 You are right, listening to God is sometimes difficult, but it brings the sweetest rewards…..God Bless!

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