Quiet Beginnings……..Happy New Year 2015!

eggs and toastIt’s quiet on the home front today, DJ and Dave are both back to work…….actually, DJ (poor Baby) has only had 2 days off in the last two weeks, and Casey is getting a much deserved ‘sleeping in day’.  The Littles are eating their eggs and toast and I find myself fascinated just watching each of them.  There is such a simplicity about our mornings, a calmness, that if I’m not careful two hours will go by in a blink.

Coconut is talking so good now, I can understand 95% of what he says, and I love hearing all of the new things he learns.  He told me just before breakfast that his tummy was ‘grumbling’…….which I find totally brilliant……mainly because 6 months ago, at the age of 4, he wouldn’t have understood the concept of his tummy growling.  He is progressing so much.  Kiwi amazes me in a totally different way…….how can she only be 3?  Her problem-solving skills are that of a 5 year old, and she is so independent in her daily skills.  Having such a sweet disposition has surely helped her cope with having to grow up super fast…….it is such a joy and privilege to watch her slow down and enjoy things as 3 year olds should.

Cocoa Bean is still a tank 🙂  He is eating independently now, and just scarfed down an over-easy egg and a piece of whole wheat toast.  I could stare at him for hours, marveling in those adorable chubby fingers gingerly picking up a piece of egg white, or slowly bringing a piece of toast to his wide-open mouth.  Out of the blue, he will scream ‘Da-Da’ at me me, giggle, and then wait for me to say ‘Mama’!  With lips pursed, making him look like a comical duck, he resumes eating and trying to sing the words to the song that my husband created for him using his name.  Cocoa Bean almost has the words and tune down!  Smart little booger.

blessed lifeMy blessings are of such that on my New Years Day birthday, I could only whisper ‘thank you’ to my God when it came time to blow out the candles…….42 of them to be exact.  2014 had both good times and really scary times, but in each I saw the hand of God.  I find it hard to know what other things to ask for, as He has my life so perfectly orchestrated.  The fear of loosing my loved ones, whether it be to death or by losing a foster child , is still always present……..but God helps me with that fear day-by-day.  There is no better comfort than that.

There will be no crazy New Year’s resolutions for me this year……just the same agenda I strive for everyday…….to live my life to glorify the One who saved me.  As I hold the sippy cup to Cocoa Bean’s mouth, teaching him to let go of the bottle, I sing along to ‘God’s Great Big World’ with Miss Patty Cake which is playing in the other room.  All the while, I am sending up prayers of thanksgiving for this wonderful and simple life that He has graced me with.  Happy New Year!


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