It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…….

1206141522aChristmas is my favorite time of year, so much so that Casey and I start decorating on November 1st 🙂  This year is no exception, but it’s been a rough season so far.  Dave falling of the roof while hanging Christmas lights started things off on a bad note…….and 5 weeks later, he is just now starting to feel better.  Yet, I still praise God every time that I think about his accident, as I am so very thankful that we still have him… could have been much worse.



Other things have tarnished the polish on our holidays, and have made celebrating a little different than usual.  The commercial part of Christmas is loosing it’s luster, and I find myself wanting everything to be so much simpler.  Being thankful for the birth of my Savior (even though His actual birthday is not Dec. 25th) and making memories with my family is the only thing I want to do now.



Three funerals this week have brought such sadness to us and those around us……it also further solidifies the craving for simple family togetherness this month.  A woman and her unborn child died in a terrible car accident, leaving behind a husband and many broken-hearted friends and family at our church.  A 70-something man from my parents church, who fell from a ladder and has been paralyzed for the past 3 months, chose to come off his respirator and passed away very quickly afterwards.  Finally, our sweet precious Goldilocks suffered more tragic loss, as her father overdosed just 1 month after being released from jail.  He had served 3 years for a meth lab, but even after all that time, he still could not beat his addiction.


So, as I look around our home and our life, I am a little more thankful, a little more in awe of the blessings that God has chosen to bestow on us.  I kiss my kids more, I cannot hug and cuddle my husband enough, and I try just a little bit more to let all of my loved ones know how special they are.  From my family to yours, Merry Christmas, and praise God for His amazing gifts!










My mother surprised my sister and I on Thanksgiving night with a beautiful Nativity quilt. She is so super talented, and the red and white quilt is gorgeous!



Our dining room table will expand to seat 10 to 12 people…….which is perfect, as we host a lot of different families for meals each year.


I love the little blessings that God brings my way, like this snowman dinnerware set that I found in a thrift store. So cute!



At the center of everything that we do is God…….He blesses our lives, our home and our family. I am constantly in awe of His magnificence.



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