It’s Over…….Coconut is Free for Adoption

adoptionIn the end, Coconut’s birth father gave him a final parting gift last week……..perhaps the best and most important gift he could have ever given his son, aside from participating in his conception.  After all the tears, the gripping fear, the waiting……..all of which was actually caused by this man…….he took mercy on the son that he was supposed to love and honor and protect.

Perhaps it was meant as a token of restitution.  Jail is supposed to be a place of redemption, of finding the character traits that have somehow been lost along the way,  where a person can ponder their wrongdoings and hopefully plan ways of righting them.  At least that is what jail would mean to me……if I ever found myself there.

adoption 1

Coconut’s lawyer called me the day before I was to meet with her at her downtown office.  She was going to be preparing me for testifying, something that I was very nervous about, as I would be facing this man for the first time…..ever.  Yes, I have been in the same courtroom with him before, but we have never even made eye contact, as he was always ushered into the room by armed guards.  The news she had for me would make seeing him completely unnecessary.

She only uttered three little words, “Merry Christmas Kat”.  As I whispered, “noooooo”, she started laughing and rushed into the details and the purpose of her call.  I barely heard her.  If someone was watching me at that exact moment, I probably looked like a crazed maniac 🙂  I was smiling like a madwoman, but crying uncontrollably at the same time……I am sure that it was not a pretty sight!  That blessed attorney had indeed just delivered one of the best Christmas presents that our family has ever received.

adoption max lucado

We do not know why, but Coconut’s birth father decided to take the advice of his attorney in the eleventh hour, and drop the appeal.  By doing this, he is agreeing with the judge’s decision that his parental rights to Coconut be terminated.  For us, that means that Coconut’s long battle through foster care is now over.  He is free from the legal bonds of his birth parents, which makes him free to be adopted into a loving family………that would be us!

God’s timing is perfect, and I know that those long days, months and years that were filled with worry and fear were meant to make us stronger foster parents.  We could not have endured any of it without Him and we praise Him for getting us through it.  The social workers, lawyers, therapists, family and friends who rallied around this special little boy have made Coconut’s journey through foster care as pleasant and secure as such an insecure thing could be.  Being at the end, and facing the new chapter of adoption feels almost surreal.

adoption 3

I pray for this man, and feel that in his own way, he finally did the job that God gives to all men…….to love and protect his son…….even if that means protecting his child from his own father.  Love comes in all forms and sometimes the way we express it is hard for others to understand.  I will always love Coconut’s father for letting him go, and for giving us such a precious gift.  My dear readers, please pray along beside me in hopes that he is or will be a saved man.  That he will turn to God in order to pull himself up out of the ashes of his former life and begin again.

Praise God!


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