We Need a 12 Passenger Van!

13235168_maxI used to want a convertible, but now I want convertible seats.  I used to want more efficient gas mileage, but now I want more efficient seating.  I used to want a more comfortable driving experience for me, but now I want a more comfortable riding experience for all of these kids.

My, how things change.  Who knew that I would be dreaming of a large and roomy automobile that can accommodate many children.  Five years ago we lived a completely different life, one where we had finally traded the minivan in for a cute crossover SUV…….complete with heated leather seats, DVD player and an automatic hatchback.  Fast forward to this crazy adventure of being Servants of Christ, and we are back to a minivan……but this time, it’s not cutting it!

We are at full capacity now with 5 kids and 2 adults.  Our minivan is awesome, but it only seats 7, and has very little cargo room when we are all buckled in.  We are constantly tying stuff onto the roof rack, which proves very inconvenient when you’re in a hurry.  When we go to a church dinner, or over to a friends house, we all have to hold 3 or 4 things in order for everything to fit.  There are just too many bodies and not enough space.

Look at all of that glorious room!!

Look at all of that glorious room!!

So, we are praying about it.  If we take another foster child in, we will be forced to deal with the car situation sooner, rather than later, as our current van is full…….and we will not let this prevent us from offering our home to a child who needs one.  We do not want to take on debt, which means our options are more limited.  It will be interesting to see how all of this pans out, as experience has shown us that God always provides.

Our lives have changed so much, that it makes me wonder…….where will we be in another five years, and how many children will we have then!



2 responses to “We Need a 12 Passenger Van!

  1. what kind of christian are you? conservative ? gothard ? pentecostal mennonite ? I ask because I am glad you will be a foster family and want to adopt. Duggars are againt adoption which saddens me.
    The L rd sends blessings in multiple ways. You dont have to birth a child to be a parent.

    • We are the kind that believes in God, follows the teachings of Christ, and strives to be servants in His name 🙂 The Duggars are not against adoption (it is understandable if you think that they are against adoption, as Bill Gothard’s ATI homeschool program discourages it), as a matter of fact, they have recently stated that they would be open to adoption.

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