Life with a Newborn, Plus Four Other Kids

Two teens are a handful…….a Kindergartener and a preschooler are a handful……having two teens, a Kindergartener, and a preschooler is a whole bucket of fun……add a newborn baby?  That make for a silo of crazy!

514Actually, in the large families that I know of, five is not really that big.  It is just big to Dave and I.  Our two teens were 14 and 15 when their little brothers and sisters came along, so we had been a wee family of four, for a really long time.  The funny thing that we learned though, is that after the third child, it gets easier and easier.


The behaviors are all a bit different, with each new foster child addition, but even that has gotten much easier to handle.  We are calmer now, as experience has taught us what to expect, and in turn, that makes the children more calm.  I remember when Coconut first came, I was a basket case.  He was so beat up that the softest touch caused him pain, he was terrified if you looked him in the eye, screamed bloody murder when we gave him a bath, and cried for hours each night before exhaustion overtook him, and he was finally able to sleep.  The others were not as dramatic, but sleepless nights were just as prevalent, as each child has their own struggles learning to adjust to us and their new home.


After all that, having a newborn baby in the house is almost as easy as having a hamster…..just a lot more gratifying 🙂  As a foster parent, we have every conceivable baby/toddler/children’s item known to man, so things run pretty smoothly.  This is our second drug baby, so it wasn’t as shocking as it was the first go round.  All-in-all, little Cocoa Bean has fallen in line with the rest of us, and we couldn’t be happier with this newest little blessing.

The key for peace in our family is the right attitude.  Keeping the reason that we have all these children close to my heart throughout the day, prevents me from being overwhelmed.  Not just offering our love and home to children who need both, but also the fact that God has granted us the privilege to do so.  It is a gift that I try to never take advantage of.  Even parenting teenagers has proved to be a blessing……..just one that will take a few more years to fully appreciate!

Taking a break from blogging to fix Coconut's train, while bonding with Coconut.  Blue Eyes is at school, and the teens are doing their homeschool work downstairs......whew!

Taking a break from blogging to fix Coconut’s train, while bonding with Cocoa Bean. Blue Eyes is at school, and the teens are doing their homeschool work downstairs……whew!

Days are still filled with homeschooling, Kindergarten, homemaking, laundry, and blogging……..they are just now done with a baby attached to me.  As with all foster children, bonds are golden, and taking every opportunity to form them is paramount to these little ones.  As our family motto states……the more the merrier!

Getting 'One Big Sugar' from Coconut, which means a big kiss, makes it all worthwhile!

Getting ‘One Big Sugar’ from Coconut, which means a big kiss, makes it all worth while!



2 responses to “Life with a Newborn, Plus Four Other Kids

  1. Our bio kids are 11 and 10, whom I homeschool. We have had a foster sibling group for three months, ages 3, 4, and 5! It turns out that their mama is having another baby in June, and we may end up with him, too! I am glad to hear you talk about strapping the baby on, and keep on going! lol That is my plan, too. Thanks for taking the time to blog, I appreciate reading through your experiences.

    • Hi Carisa,

      Gosh, your family blueprint pretty much mirrors ours! I have been a bit quiet these last few weeks, as learning to live with a baby, homeschool, and trying to heal a child from tragic circumstances has been tough. Please let us know how you get on, and let me know if you ever need anything. God Bless and thank you for being a foster parent!

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