Little Boys Room Re-Do Take Two!

These are the pictures from our little boys room overhaul TAKE TWO!  (for any foster sons that we may have).  I originally posted about changing all of our children’s rooms around to accommodate new Virginia foster care guidelines…….which you can read about here:

The first little boys room re-do simply took two buckets of paint and some manual labor to move everything from upstairs to downstairs.  There were two beds in there, and toys exclusively for little boys……I figured we could get a year or two out of it, before we had to change it around for bunk beds and whatnot.  Well, God had other plans 🙂

By having a little boys room and a little girls room, each with two beds in them, that meant that we could accommodate (2) girls and (2) boys……right?  Funny how things do not work out logically like that!  When Coconut’s mother gave birth to another son and we agreed to take him in, we went from (2) foster boys to (3)………putting us in at (4) sons altogether!


At this point, I am a change queen, so back to the drawing board!  A craigslist run scored me a maple bunk bed set for $125, another neighbor moved and left behind a toy box, and with some creative organization, we were able to put one of the dressers in the closet.  Three boys, three beds, three times the fun……poor DJ could get lonely in a room all by himself………you believe that, right?




I had a few toddler bed comforters that were just too cute to get rid of……so, I made them into curtains!  I didn’t really make anything, I just purchased curtain rods with little clip rings, clipped the comforter, and blam!…..instant curtains.  They are so precious!


I just pull the comforter back to one side, and they work like a charm.


Here is the toddler bed that Coconut used to sleep in…… day his little brother might be sleeping in it 🙂


Organization is king when there are multiple kids in one room.  Just like in the little girls room, I picked up an accordion-style coat rack for $1 at a thrift store…..perfect for coats and Blue Eye’s backpack.


Our collection of bedtime stories got way too big to store on top of the bookcase…….back to the thrift store, and with a little black paint, my wonderful husband secured this very long and sturdy book shelf to the wall for us.


A vintage Jesus print, shepherding His sheep, watches over our little boys.


My sister gave me this painting back, when we first started preparing our nursery…..long before Coconut came to us.  I had painted this for my nephew’s room 15 years ago.  I am so glad that it is still getting good use!




Their closet is big enough to house Blue Eyes dresser, a place for all of those church ties, and enough hanging clothes for two boys.

The littlest tyke is only 2 weeks old, so he will be sleeping in our room, safely tucked into his cradle for the first year.  For that matter, he might not even stay that long……..only God knows that, so we just prepare the best we can, and if he is with us for the long haul his bed in the little boys room is all ready!



5 responses to “Little Boys Room Re-Do Take Two!

  1. Love your room redo’s . I love your blog and have found it so helpful. We live in Canada and have just completed our homestudy etc. and are now just waiting for a foster child.It has been a year since we started the process. I have used alot of your advice etc. to get ready for foster children. The thrift store is my favorite shop!!! I have always loved thrift store shopping tho even with my older children. We are doing 0-2 so I really found your lists extremely helpful and have been collecting clothes . I really appreciate how honest you are on your blog about the hard parts of fostering as I know this journey won’t be easy but it is where God wants us. We also are still parenting teens. Thank-you sooo much.

  2. Yes. As of 4 days ago we now have a 1 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl…..We are extremely overwhelmed….and exhausted. Our boys are a great help but the 2yr old is very smart therefore very busy. The 1yr old is extremely heavy.haha Actually both kids are very large for their age so I was not as prepared as I thought…lots of tiny clothes not so many big ones working on that….please pray for us as we adjust. knew this would be really hard but have found it even harder.

    • I know the feelings that you are having, and I am praying for you guys! It is such a wonderful experience, but one that will try your patience, your sanity, and your family life. If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to constantly remind yourself why you are doing this, and to remember that these children are not in your home by chance……God chose YOU to be their foster parents for a reason. You CAN do this if you put all of your faith and trust in Him. If you need a sounding board, I am always here 🙂

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