Little Boys Room Re-Do

These are the pictures from our little boys room overhaul (for any foster sons that we may have).  I originally posted about changing all of our children’s rooms around to accommodate new Virginia foster care guidelines…….which you can read about here:


At the time, this room was prepared for our little miracle, Coconut (completed back in February 2013)

Just like the new little girls room, I chose a meadow green for the little boys room.  This room was the easiest of all, as we only needed to paint the walls!  All of the painted furniture was already painted, back when we were preparing for foster children.  I love black furniture, and I DO NOT prime any piece before painting it black.  I always use oil (not latex) when painting black, and only use Sherwin Williams All-Surface Enamel, satin finish, in pre-tinted black.  Painting with it is tricky, as all strokes must go the same direction, and once you start painting a piece, you must finish it in one session.  Two coats are all that is usually required.  Distressing is optional, but beautiful.

Another friend gave us an older model crib that cannot be used any longer for babies……it is the old drop-side kind that has been recalled.  However, with the drop-side removed, it converts into a toddler bed.  When our neighbors moved, they threw away what seemed like everything……including a child’s bed rail.  Perfect for Coconut!  To round out the room, and offer another child a home, my sister let us borrow the top bunk bed that belongs to her son.  With some adorable bedding from the thrift store (where else?), it’s fit for little princes’.

As homeschoolers, we have an inbred love of books!  Coconut has caught this passion as well, and will sit for hours either listening to me read, or looking through books on his own.

Coconut is in love with anything to do with trains……has been since he arrived to us at the age of 2 and a half.  One of the things about foster children that we did not know going into this, was their inability to play with each other alone.  Godlilocks came ready to fight to the death……biting, kicking, hitting, and screaming.  She could never be left alone with Coconut in the beginning.  She bit his lip the first time he attempted to give her a kiss :-(.  She eventually learned to play nicely, but now that Blue Eyes is here, it’s the same game.  He has an attachment disorder that prevents him from treating children younger than himself with kindness and respect.  He is learning, but constant supervision is always necessary.

As with both of the foster children’s rooms, it is quite apparent that God has had His hand in it…….from the resources to decorate the rooms, to the motivation that He gave to the countless people who have donated things to us… is such an amazing feeling to be in the Will of God!

Total cost for the room:  $50.  Time spent:  3 hours.  Giving Coconut a quiet place to read and safely play………priceless.

**Stay tuned, as God brought to us two other boys who needed a home……..requiring another little boys room overhaul in January of 2014!











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