Little Girls Room Re-Do

These are the pictures from our little girls room overhaul (for any foster daughters that we may have).  I originally posted about changing all of our children’s rooms around to accommodate new Virginia foster care guidelines…….which you can read about here:

At the time, this room was prepared for our sweet little Goldilocks (completed back in February 2013)

I chose a meadow green for both the little boys room, and the little girls room.  It is such a pretty color, and one that can go with either gender.  The theme in this room is Classic Pooh with a vintage little girl feel.  On my thrift store hunt, I totally lucked out with this old china hutch.  The Goodwill store down the street from my house puts their furniture half-off once a month or so…….I grabbed this hutch for $15!!!!

At another store, I found an old oak children’s school table, along with two tiny oak chairs.  The table set cost me $20.

We already had the oak crib, donated to us by a homeschooling mom when we decided to offer foster care.  The black toy box has been with us since DJ and Casey were little…….just needed a facelift!  I picked up a regular wooden toddler bed off of craigslist for $20, and one of my old clients made me a chalkboard…..all I had to do was paint it with chalkboard paint.

All furniture that was painted white, was first primed with an oil-based primer.  Then, I brushed on three coats of Sherwin Williams ProClassic Waterborne, in white.  It is the best trim and furniture paint (in white) that money can buy.  Goes on smooth, and is very durable.

A vintage print of Jesus greets all who enter this darling room.

The antique hutch holds bedtime stories, baby items such as burp clothes, cloth diapers, recieving blankets, etc., while the drawer holds crib linens.  An accordion-style coat rack keeps coats and towels organized.

No little girls room would be worth it’s salt without a basket of babies……all colors, shapes and sizes.

Casey’s childhood dresser got a coat of paint too.  It’s length is perfect for a baby-changing area.

There is no higher calling than raising the children God has entrusted to our care.

This precious framed cross-stitch sums up our feelings on foster care.

Total cost for the room:  $265.  Time spent:  3 days.  Having the privilege to care for God’s children………priceless.


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