Casey’s Bedroom Re-Do

These are the pictures from Casey’s room overhaul.  I originally posted about changing all of our children’s rooms around to accommodate new Virginia foster care guidelines…….which you can read about here:

Casey finally had her beautiful dream room (completed back in February 2013)


First, I picked out the color scheme……Casey’s favorite color is teal so I started there, and then I chose black to make it pop.  I painted the room in a mirror image, 2 black walls facing each other, and two teal walls facing each other.


During the thrift store hunt, I found an old entertainment center for a large screen television.  The unit fit around the TV with two shelves on either side, and a piece across the top……perfect for surrounding a bed.  Next, I found a full-size pine captains bed, which would help save space with clothes drawers and a large empty space underneath for shoe and purse baskets.  These two items together cost $140.


My painting company was always a family affair, and my mom started working with me when I was too chicken to hire a painter.  Men dominate the painting business, and unfortunately, there is a stereotype to painters…….drinking, drugs, and unreliability ( I later learned that there was nothing to be scared of, as there are such great people in the business to overrule that stereotype!)  Soon, I hired my sister full-time, and when DJ was just 12 years-old, I taught him the business during summers.  When Dave lost his job, he even worked with me for a few months.  Learning a skill is invaluable to young adults……as having a degree is not always a guarantee.  DJ helped me every step of the way during Operation Kids Room Overhaul!



An old yellow dry sink to house her sheets and blankets, would also double as her television stand.  Finally, a mismatched vanity and an oak poster frame would complete the room.  These four items together cost $40

To paint all of these items, I first primed everything with an oil primer.  Then, I brushed on three coats of Sherwin Williams, ProClassic Waterborne, in white…..which is the best white latex trim and furniture paint there is.  It’s extremely durable and brushes on smooth.


The before and after is quite dramatic.  The lights in the old entertainment center is such an awesome touch, and there  are plenty of shelves for my sweet bookworm.




IMG_7156For the windows, I made a valance from a gorgeous skirt that I found, and the sheers on the window and door from a pretty lacy shower curtain.  The two pieces together cost me $10.


Casey in her pretty bed……..but, notice the five canvases above her headboard.  The two biggest ones are sports themed, and the three little ones are ballet themed.  I only paid $7 for all of them, and then transformed them into name art, as seen below.

IMG_7377 (2)


Chalk letters are all the rage right now.  After painting the canvases black to compliment the black walls, I simply diluted my white paint to give it a ‘chalky’ look.


The vanity gives her a personal place to do her hair and makeup, and frees up the bathroom for all of those pesky boys!


Finally, I painted the poster frame black, and hung it beside her vanity.  She printed out pictures of her favorite things, along with Bible verses and sayings.  It serves as an inspiration as she goes about getting ready for the day.

Total cost for the room:  $397.  Time spent:  4 days.  Seeing Casey in her dream room………priceless.  We love you Casey!!


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