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Abiding Radio

I am a music lover, plain and simple. Depending on my mood, the circumstances of my life, and the situation of the day, I can go from instrumental, choir music, Baptist Hymns, to contemporary Christian music. There is nothing like music to set the tone of your life.

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Abiding Radio Conservative Christian Music

I have tons of cd’s for the little ones, from songs that teach the books of the Bible, memory verses, and traditional hymns. We listen to a contemporary Christian station on one of our cable channels while the older ones and I are working on homeschooling. While in the car, we listen to Pandora radio…..which lets you pick a song and then it finds a lot of other songs for you based on that original tune. We would LOVE to listen to K-Love radio in the car, but it will not come in clear no matter where we are in our area.

Even with all of these resources at our fingertips, finding a constant stream of conservative hymns was impossible…..until now. My friend, Jessica, messaged me today with an awesome online radio station that she found. It has FOUR different genres……Instrumental, Kids Inspirational, and Seasonal. That pretty much covers my go-to categories during the day. Now, I definitely can have my cake and eat it too. Contemporary on cable, and conservative online! The name of this station is called Abiding Radio, and you can check it our here:


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