The Beard Project

4 months into the Beard Project

4 months into the Beard Project

We are fans of Duck Dynasty, and love watching the family find ways to display their love for Jesus Christ…..of course, it’s also fun to see what hair-brain situations that they boys get themselves into. Being late in the game, we were able to watch two seasons in a matter of months. Dave got a kick out of seeing how the men’s beards evolved over the course of a few years, and it gave him an idea of a beard project.

He stopped shaving back in September and we were all like little kids with a new toy. Every week we would ooooh and aaaah over the changes to his facial hair. It got to a point where it would itch him to death, and even hurt his skin, but he pushed on……determined to grow it to a respectable length. What a respectable length is, we are not really sure 🙂

securedownload (26)I, for one, loved running my fingers through it. Always mischievous, I would also give it a tug when I was feeling playful…..something that would make him yelp with pain and send him running after me! What really amazed us was how much he aged in just a few months. The hair on his head grayed at a very young age, so by the time he was thirty he was completely gray……and while he has always had a goatee, which is white as snow, the rest of the beard came in salt and pepper. He was beginning to look like ole’ Father Time!

securedownload (27)Right before Christmas, he decided to shave it off, feeling the novelty had worn off……but more importantly, no longer able to stand the scratching! He didn’t tell the kids, so when he went downstairs we enjoyed the shouts and gasps of their reactions. Coconut just kept stroking Dave’s freshly smooth cheek. D.J. was sad to see it go, as he had wanted to join in on the fun from the onset of the project. Unfortunately, his job at Chick-Fil-A prevents him from growing facial hair.

securedownload (28)I cannot imagine how the wives of the Robertson men feel….when you see pictures of them before they grew out their beards, they look like totally different people. Our project it over, and even though it was fun, I am really glad to have my handsome smooth-faced man back. Yet, it was kind of neat to see my husband looking like a modern day Noah!


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