Electric Blanket Bliss

Cozy bedroom from The Holiday.

Cozy bedroom from The Holiday.

I have always been scared of electric blankets, as I feared being electrocuted in my sleep. That fear moved on to my children, afraid that they would be zapped during the night as well. Not having grown up with a heated blanket, I just assumed that a few quilts or blankets were all one needed to have a warm and cozy slumber.

Then one Christmas, I saw these awesome gifts that you could make for your friends and family…….they are small flannel pillows that you fill with feed corn, then the recipient throws them in the microwave for 5 minutes and blam!, they have a foot warmer! I nicknamed them ‘Corn Pones’, and made a bunch that year using old flannel baby blankets that I found at a thrift store. Casey and I would heat them up, put them under our sheets at the foot of the bed, and then have an hour or two of heated bliss.

That opened up a whole other way of going to sleep. Instead of waiting an hour for my feet to finally warm up, as I can’t stand to have socks on my feet while in bed, I could have instant hot toes…..and Dave didn’t have to endure my icy tootsies on his back 😉 Yet, those snuggly pockets of goodness started a sort of yearning for warmth that could not extend to the rest of my body, simply because it was too small. How could I get this wonderful heat all over?

It was my parents that changed my mind on the blankets. I follow their footsteps in the frugal department, and they had purchased a dual-control model a few years ago to cut costs. They turn their heat down really low in the evenings and rely on the blanket to keep them warm. My Dad simply turns his on when he crawls into bed, lets it heat up, and then turns it off for the rest of the night. My mom blasts hers for the long haul. If they are still alive and didn’t get fried, then it must be safe, right?

So, we started by getting Casey one. When we moved all the rooms around to accommodate the foster children, the room that she got was an add-on, and the heat and air is not so good in there. We had given her an electric rotating heater, but she was still cold…..and I can’t have that. The blanket is now her new best friend. She can be warm, hot, or cold, all with the flick of a button. Dave, on the other hand, is so hot-natured that I didn’t think it would be possible for our bedroom. We also have a king size bed, so those suckers are over $100. But, just as always, God provided. The family was making our twice-monthly Sam’s Club trip, and there in the bargain bin was a king size dual-controlled electric blanket for $50. It always amazes me that He thinks to give us not only our needs, but our wants as well!

I have been in a heated heaven ever since, while Dave stays in his frigid igloo as always. None of us have lit up like a Christmas tree, nor have we gotten so much as a singed hair out of the deal. Our gas heating bill will surely go down, and our bedroom no longer smells of burnt popcorn, from the ‘corn pones’. Life is good!


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