Friends, Dinners, and a Baby

Thank you Jessica, Hanna and guys are awesome!

Thank you Jessica, Hanna and Daniel…….you guys are awesome!

I just had to give a shout out to a dear friend today.  Before we found out that there was a baby on the way, we had invited a family from church over for dinner. I was so looking forward to their coming, as they have such sweet spirits. When they learned of our newest addition, they of course asked if we wanted to reschedule, and she even asked if she could bring dinner instead. I laughed and informed her that I was not having the baby, just going to receive the baby 🙂  They came, we ate, we laughed, and we cooed over the wee little thing.

When a woman gives birth to a baby, it is such a lovely gesture for people to rally around her.  Bringing a meal is customary, as she is likely to be tired from the exertion and getting up at all hours of the night feeding the little darling.  There is great pleasure in providing a meal for someone who could use a hand, and I always jump at the chance to provide one.  A foster baby is viewed differently than a biological child, as we have signed up to receive babies at a moments notice, and because I view this as a ministry we are prepared to the hilt.  Most of the people in our lives do not even realize that we have a new baby in the house until a few days or a few weeks later!

Imagine my surprise then, when this lovely woman went even farther than asking to help out with a meal that I had invited her to.  Tonight, she arrived with her precious children and a scrumptious roast in tow.  Being on the receiving end is a strange sensation, but pride aside, it sure was nice to have a meal taken care of.  More than that, it was an honor that someone recognized that while I did not bring this child into the world, I have dedicated myself to his care……possibly for life.  So, thank you dear friend, your token of kindness meant the world to my family and I. God bless!


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