Beautiful Drug Baby Arrives

securedownload (19)He is here, with all of his almost eight pounds, and with all of his deliciously baby-scented glory! I was feeling very sad the day before he arrived, feeling ever so guilty as I prepared his clothes and supplies, as if I was robbing his mother of the bliss that comes from taking care of a newborn. When his social worker called to tell me that they were on their way to our house from the hospital, she told me something that changed my way of thinking completely.

Little Cocoa Bean (the nickname I gave him for this blog), was born with drugs in his system, as his mother used them right before she entered the hospital. All thoughts of guilt and sorrow for her misfortune has vanished, and now I am simply grateful……that she did not abort this angel, and that God has blessed me with the opportunity to get to know Coconut’s brother, no matter how long or short that might be.

securedownload (18)Dave and I had really held hope that this child might be the catalyst that pushed Coconot’s mother into getting her life together. Although she never seemed elated about the pregnancy, how much can you really gather about a person and their feelings under the limited circumstances that have allowed us to converse…..court hearings and family care meetings that involve deciding where her four-year-old son should live. The only time her unborn child was mentioned, consisted of the agency’s futile advice on what she might do in order to have the privilege of keeping him. It never entered my mind that she would do something so foolish as doing drugs while she carried him.

The thought of taking in this baby was always rejected by us. We didn’t want any parts of it, for fear of jeopardizing Coconut’s case. The father of this child is aggressive and seemed intent on keeping the baby out of care, so it didn’t seem as if we would even have to worry about it. We learned a valuable lesson about making your words sweet, because the moment that he was born, the agency called us…….and we caved. How could we not, now that Coconut’s half-brother was here?

I took him in to find out what all of the shaking and tremors were from.......detox and babies should never have to be used in the same sentence.

I took him to the doctor to find out what all of the shaking and tremors were from…….detox and babies should never have to be in the same sentence.

There were many things that crossed my mind when I agreed to become his foster mother, but falling in love with him instantly was not one of them. However, the moment that I clapped eyes on him as he emerged from the social workers car, that’s exactly what I did……He looks so much like Coconut! After the first full day of caring for him, holding and soothing him as his body trembled and shook while he detoxed, I swear I could not love a child more if he was my own. I was not prepared for that.

Our new journey has begun, and only my Lord in Heaven knows the outcome. All we can do is remain diligent in the care of these little lost boys……


7 responses to “Beautiful Drug Baby Arrives

  1. I love reading all about your family’s journey with foster care. We attempted to work with them years ago and problem after problem came up and we pulled out. That led us to China for our daughter and then here in the states for a domestic newborn adoption. However, I can’t quite shake foster care…. I love reading how the Lord is using your family. Very often, I share with my husband what is going on with y’all. Who knows? Maybe the Lord will lead his heart that way, too?

    Mrs. U

    • Hi Mrs. U,

      Thank you! I can tell by the y’all that your a country girl as well 🙂 Foster care is a time consuming process, which you can relate to in the adoption world, but we must remind ourselves constantly to put our fates in the Hands of God. Please pray for our strength!

      Faith and Blessings,


    • Hi there,

      I would wish, but there is a very long process to go through…….and as this child has a different father than Coconut, he deserves a chance to pull his life together in order to gain custody of his son.

      Prayers would be appreciated 🙂


  2. Hi Denise,

    I searched through my posts about him, and the little girl that we had who was born with drugs in her system, and I just didn’t find where I described either of them as my ‘little drug baby’. If I missed it and I did indeed say that, it certainly wasn’t meant to be offensive.

    These babies are precious, and their struggles are great……..watching them experience unnecessary pain is a heart wrenching job.

    I do describe them as drug babies, as this blog contains information about foster children and the trials that they face, but also about the challenges that we face as their care givers. Infants that were exposed to drugs while their birth mothers carried them present many symptoms and behaviors that are unique only to drug use. Calling them drug babies is not a slur or slang, but simply a classification that can go by no other name.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope that I have left you with no doubt of my devotion and sincere dedication to these precious angels.

    Faith and Blessings,


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