Haircuts, When NOT to be Frugal

I like to be a frugal mother, watching our family’s pennies, and stretching our dollar as far as it will go.  One such way to cut costs is haircuts.  When my oldest son was little, I simply buzzed his head, and that was that.  As he grew into a preteen, he grew it all the way down to his shoulders…….easy maintenance 🙂  It was when he became a teenager, however, that I was challenged with learning how to give him a ‘real’ haircut.   After a few years of trial and error, plus loads of self training, I can now cut one hairstyle for all three boys, affectionately called in my household, the ‘Jimmy Neutron’.


DJ loves this hairstyle, and it fits him.   Coconut’s hair was styled into a bowl cut for about a year, but after a while he started to look like ‘Moe’ from The Three Stooges, so we cut it off.  Now that Blue Eyes is here, it is much simpler to give all the boys the same hairstyle.  DJ does their hair in the morning, and they tell everyone that their big brother did it.  It is such a sweet way to connect these boys together, who are all from very different backgrounds.

bad-hair_cypressandoak.blogspot.com_When it comes to Casey, however, I have proved to be a terrible mother.  As a matter of fact, our family friend and hairdresser told Casey that if I ever came near her again with scissors or hair dye, she should run very fast and very far away from me!!  Building confidence in giving her hair a trim when she was little, led me to giving her bangs, and then to trying out highlights on her hair when she was twelve.  What was supposed to be ash blonde turned out orange, and started the train wreck of hair mistakes that our Super-Hairdresser-Friend-Lisa had to fix.  Everything from chopping off all her hair when I was simply trying to give her layers, to leaving in an ‘easy frosting kit’ on her hair too long, which turned her dark brown hair, white……eek!  An intervention was due, and this time I was humble enough to except the cold hard truth……..sometimes it DOES NOT PAY to be frugal!!!

imagesHS74FGZOSo, Lisa does Casey’s hair now.  Every time.  The End.  I am never allowed to touch it again, and I’m okay with that.  I will happily spend the money every six to eight weeks to get her hair colored to a pretty chestnut brown, and trimmed into pretty layers.  Whenever I start to describe the hue of color that I might want Casey to try, Lisa quickly gives me a reason why it will interfere with the horrible jobs I have done in the past.   With a sheepish grin, I reply “Lisa, please do what you think is best”, remembering all the times she has saved my poor daughters hair.  Yeah, sometimes spending money is a good thing……..





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