New Year, New Baby

Virginia Foster Care

Virginia Foster Care

My plan was to ring in the new year with several well thought out resolutions, carefully organized, just the way I like it.  After years of experience, however, I have learned that just as soon as the ink dries on my ‘plan’, God decides to add some colorful alterations to it………in this case, a bouncing baby girl.  We received a call from our agency today about this precious angel, who needed a warm home and loving arms for a few days.  She is not even a week old, but it has been determined that she cannot go home to her biological parents, for whatever reason.  They called the right place, as this is what we are called do.

It will only be a temporary stopping point for the darling, as she has a permanent home awaiting her elsewhere.  I pray that this new family will realize how blessed they are for the privilege of raising her.  The excitement running through that household must be wild!  Most of us have months to prepare ourselves for a new life to nurture, as well as our homes and our nursery……..and although they had to endure a lengthy process to become foster parents, there is really no way to prepare emotionally for your first official placement.   Coconut was our first, and with his arrival came many, many blessings…..and many changes as well.

Casey getting her snuggles in :-)

Casey getting her snuggles in 🙂

So, please join me in praying for this child of God who will hopefully leave the foster care system quickly, and into her permanent forever home.  May she come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as her savior, and follow Him all the days of her life.  She is a sweet babe who deserves all the love and comfort a child should have………if only all of these children could have a family to call their own.


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