Marriage Blessed by God

Here we are now, after 17 years of marriage......a bit older, a bit grayer, but a whole lot happier and stronger in our marriage!  (We are trying on hats by the way.....we are not actually Scottish!

Here we are now, after 17 years of marriage……a bit older, a bit grayer, but a whole lot happier and stronger in our marriage!

I absolutely, positively, love and adore my husband.  That man makes me smile and giggle like a 22 year old.  He is the bread to my butter, and I thank God every day for allowing me to have such a loyal and loving mate.  It is an embarrassment of riches, and I strive every day to be worthy of such a gift.

He and I have come so far, overcoming hurdle after hurdle, obstacles that might have crumpled a lesser marriage.  Our love has grown stronger over the years, and the level of closeness has exceeded all of my expectations of what a marriage should be.  Romance has taken on a much different meaning than when we were a young couple.  Roses are fewer and date nights are much farther apart……..but, a look, a touch, or a kind word means more than any of those material things ever could.  He is even better looking in my eyes, and as I age, I hope I get better looking in his eyes too!

Just the other day, Casey and I were in the Walmart down the street from our house.  This Walmart is not in the best of areas, and when I called D.J. to ask what particular flavor of cereal he wanted, he flipped out that we were there.  “Mama!”, he cried, “You know Dad doesn’t like you being there after dark!”  I cringed a little inside, because I already knew that Dave doesn’t like me going to that store at all, let alone after the sun goes down.  Yet, when I called Dave to ask his preference for his cereal, he sweetly overlooked my error in judgment.  Casey and I gathered all of the things on our list, checked out, and braced ourselves for the pouring rain that would greet us outside.

Casey’s shoe was untied (as it always is!), so I stopped in the entrance way to ask her to tie it.  As she ties it, and I am scrambling around in my purse for the car keys, who should I see when I look up?  Dave, walking in through the entry doors to Walmart!  He is fresh off from work, and he stopped in on his way home to collect Casey and I.  He had his huge work umbrella open and was ready to escort his two ladies to their car.  I know I caused several people to stare at me when I let out a cry of surprise and delight.  We both rushed towards him with kisses and hugs, and pure shock.  How did I get so lucky  to have such a man?  Whoever said that candlelit dinners and chocolates (although nice) are what it takes to be a romantic…….is missing out on something so much more intimate.

So, have Dave and I simply figured out how to make the best of our marriage, uncovering secret keys to it’s success?  I don’t think so.  Yes, we have grown up together, have learned to tolerate and even enjoy each others idiosyncrasies, all the while growing closer and more in love.  But, I think it is so much  more than that.  If it were not for the blessings of God on our union, nothing we have ever done or could do, would make it work.  Our love and thankfulness for God is what now drives our marriage.  Not so long ago, I could not exactly describe our marriage as fantastic.  However, the moment that we realized that God has a purpose and role for each of us, as husband and wife, and that if we follow Christ’s teachings on how we deal with each other, than our marriage would be everything that we could have ever dreamed of.


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