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Our homeschool schedule

Our homeschool schedule

All of the public school kids went back today, and Blue Eyes was actually excited to go.  He loves school, and quite frankly, he loves getting away from my watchful eye.  What he doesn’t know, is that his teacher is on to him.  For the past few months, his story of neglect and abuse has weighed on her heart, causing her to let many of his behaviors slide.  That time is done.

Blue eyes is a good kid, but his past has caused him to gain certain survival skills that make living in a loving family difficult…..for him, and for the rest of us.  He lies about everything, and I do mean everything, even when you have caught him red-handed.  He screams and cries when he has been busted, and prior to a few weeks ago, would go to the death declaring his innocence.  We have made a bit of progress with him, as he will now eventually come clean……yay!  His circumstances made him the ‘adult’ in his biological home, so letting us be his parents is hard for him.  Manipulation, bullying, anxiety, and very sneaky habits is now his default settings.  Changing those character traits and teaching him why we should not indulge in those behaviors will be a long hard road for everyone.

Casey is taking his controlling ways the hardest, so his going back to school is welcomed.  He has made her his target for many of his unpleasantness, and she rises to the bait almost every time.  I feel for both of my teens, as our family ministry forces us to deal with very trying things…….things that cannot be ‘put away’ to deal with another day.  I can only pray that God will show them the direction their hearts need to go when sharing their home, their life, and their parents with these troubled little ones.

Homeschool Schedule page 1

Homeschool Schedule page 1

Homeschool Schedule Page 2

Homeschool Schedule Page 2

We are in our second week of Sonlight, and it was such a joy today looking over the kids work and mapping out our schedule…… most of that schedule is already done for me!!  Praise God for this curriculum.  I have, however, decided not to use it for the early grades.  There is so much reading to do with the teens, and the normal reading that I do with the younger ones, I think I will stick to Bob Jones or Rod and Staff once we adopt the boys.  From third grade on though, it will be Sonlight all the way!

The Romeikes Family from Germany......will Obamah's Administration allow them asylum in our country so that they can continue to homeschool their children?

The Romeikes Family from Germany……will Obama’s Administration grant them asylum in our country so that they can continue to homeschool their children?

My mind is once again drawn back to the Christian German family who have tried (so far, unsuccessfully) to seek asylum here in the United States, so that they could homeschool their children.  They are waiting on an appeal decision from the Supreme Court, to see if they will be able to remain here.  If they are sent back to their native country, they will be forced to enroll their children into the schools there, as it is illegal to homeschool in Germany.  The parents will also likely serve jail time for their crime.   As I bask in the glow of thankfulness to God and our country for allowing Dave and I the privilege to teach our children at home, I am constantly reminded of those who are not so lucky.  Please remember them in your prayers as well, and when the struggles and stress of homeschooling creep into your heart, just remind yourself how fortunate we all are!

You can watch the video on the Romeike family that the Home School Legal Defense made story here:

You can read President Obama’s response here:


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