If Things Are Not Running Smoothly in Your Homeschool Household……….Then, STOP

Parenting the teenage years is hard, this is universal knowledge.  Parenting the preschool years is a challenge, this everyone knows.  Parenting foster children is heart-breaking and requires that you have all your wits about ya, this we have learned.  But being parents period, is a full-time job where love is the payment, and the daily challenges and demands of the job do not come with a manual.

It has not been a good morning in the ole’ homestead today.  I have felt a crack coming on in our family’s structure, and today it finally let go.  That is not to say that the whole house came down, just a piece of the framework.  It is times like these, that we can decided to come together and shore things up to prevent further damage…..or we can let things keep going as they are, and hope our foundation will hold.  When things get bad within a family, it can be a tough decision.

Yeah, just kidding.  The choice is actually simple;  preserve and nurture the family at all costs.  This is especially prevelant in the homeschooling community, because home is our ‘home base’……literally.  It is where we do most everything, from work to play to worship.  In other families, where the parents go off to work and the kids go off to school, if things go wrong ‘out there’, then they can ‘go home’ to heal.  For us, our out there is here, and there is no escaping for us if there is a problem.  Yet, this is what we signed up for.  We are used to dealing with the hard stuff, not hiding from things that make us uncomfortable, or running when things go wrong……..instead we STOP, we turn around to face those we love, and we come together as a family to fix it.

So, good grief, what is this terrible thing that has gotten my family so out of whack?  In a word……..balance.  Our balance is off, and there is no wonder.  Bring together this many people, many of which come from different families, and balance becomes the hidden treasure that you spend your whole life hunting.  Three of the kids have not been here the whole time so they are still learning to live with us, and us with them.  Those poor kiddies have been through the ringer, so they rate being a little crazy some of the time.  But my older two, my cherished babies that I gave birth to, they are still learning to share their parents, their home, and their belongings.  That can become a serious complication, in which balance is key.  If you don’t get the balance just right, you can do more harm than good.

Don’t let outside influences and an over-commitment to non-essential things derail your family.

This morning, our train came to a screeching halt.  Attitudes and relationships have gotten out of control, and we will not allow things to continue as they have been, but instead bring everyone together for a renewing of family.  Overhauling our schedule, our commitments, and our choices is what’s on the menu to make that renewal a reality.  We will hear one another out, but as parents, we will make some necessary changes to our daily life that will bring peace and balance back to our days.  Most importantly, however, we will ask our Heavenly Father to lead our hearts in our decisions.

I recently wrote a post about homeschool families staying home if they want to lead more productive lives, therefore making things more conducive to a healthy family.  But, knowing that it needs to be done is only half the battle, doing it is an entirely different matter.  You can read that post here:  https://raisingservantsofchrist.com/2013/11/12/how-to-be-a-successful-homeschool-teacher-stay-home/


One response to “If Things Are Not Running Smoothly in Your Homeschool Household……….Then, STOP

  1. I can totally relate to this! Thank you for posting. Somtimes it is hard for me to STOP when things are not running smoothly and we are off balance. I want to fix things myself and my way….That’s always a big mistake. I have to be better with remembering that I can not fix anything but God can fix everything, if I let him. I’ll be praying for you and your babies(the little ones and the big ones.)

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