Preschool Activity…….Sensory Bowl

How To Make a Simple Sensory Bowl for Home School Preschool

How To Make a Simple Sensory Bowl for Home School Preschool

Today I put together a ‘Sensory Bowl’ for the youngin’s .  In a preschool setting, they are sometimes called, ‘Sensory Centers’ or ‘Sensory Tubs’, but with just two little ones, I used a large covered bowl instead.

They say that children learn best through their senses, and I quite agree.  I was curious though, to how putting together something as simple as a bowl full of texture and hiding some little trinkets in it, would keep their attention.  My curiosity was satisfied, as both the little cuties thought this was better than sliced bread!  They absolutely loved ‘digging’ through the bowl, and squealed with delight when they found each hidden treasure.  It took my son almost a half an hour to find them all, but my daughter, who is 9 months younger, found them in about twenty minutes…..but, you know how that goes with girls and boys and attention 🙂

So, below you will find the instructions and materials that I used.  However, I gotta tell you, my sensory bowl looks like the most boring bowl ever, compared to the fancy-schmancie stuff over at a blog entitled My Small Potatoes, which you can check out here:  This chickie has got the sensory ideas nailed down and blows my mind!  I don’t think I would ever be able to put together all of the ideas that she has, as I will not go out and buy craft supplies retail, but it sure will be fun trying to find stuff at the thrift stores!


A LARGE COVERED BOWL.  I used an old Tupperware Cake container, because it is really deep, and has a lid


BOX OF SMALL PASTA.  I wanted ABC pasta, but I could NOT find it anywhere!  I used tiny little bow pasta instead.

SMALL ‘TREASURES’  Please be careful of choking hazards.  I used a clothespin, a large paperclip, Jesus Loves Me stickers, a MatchBox car, a pencil eraser, a small plastic dinosaur, a crayon, and a piece of chalk.


IN A WORD:  DUMP (hee-hee)

Simply put, dump all things in the bowl, and make sure that all of the treasures are covered up before giving it to your child.  Have the camera ready, as they will be sooo excited!




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