Our Large Christian Homeschool Family (Part 2)…….Our Homeschooling Resources

Our entire homeschool is firmly centered around God's Word and Christ's Love.

Our entire homeschool is firmly centered around God’s Word and Christ’s Love.

OUR HOMESCHOOL:  For the most part, we have our schedule pretty together.  After several years of trying different curriculum’s and plans, we have finally settled on a few things that work for us.  Although we will not use everything below, every single day, we will use all of it throughout the year at different times.

HIGH SCHOOL:  Here is what we use for our 15 and 17 year old:

1.  General Bible Study:  Rod and Staff Grade 9.  Although from the Mennonite’s, there doesn’t seem to be any religious denomination overlap in their teachings.  Very solid and accurate workbooks, and the Bible is your children’s textbooks.  Find it here:  http://www.milestonebooks.com/list/Rod_and_Staff_Bible/

2.  Bible Study for Specific Gender:  My son is currently using ‘Prepare Thy Work‘ from Doorposts (it is an extensive study), which is about preparing young men for Christian marriage.  My daughter and I will be working through a short study on Proverbs 31 for mothers and daughters called ‘The Virtuous Woman‘, again by Doorposts.  We are also reading a book together called, ‘Girl Talk‘, which is about Mother-Daughter conversations about Biblical womanhood.  You can read about all of these here:  http://www.doorposts.com/

Once the kids are finished with these studies, I have a whole list of things that I can’t wait to purchase for later!

3.  General Character:  Character First! series for elementary and secondary/advanced students.    You can find the Character First! here:   http://www.characterfirst.com/ (click on store when you get there)  What I love about the Character First! series is, although it is not written with Christian themes, it does a really good job describing each character quality and putting it into practice.

4.  Character for Specific Gender:  We use Plants Grown Up for our sons, and Polished Cornerstones for our girls. The Plants Grown Up and Polished Cornerstones is an actual Character Curriculum that goes from the wee tot to the senior in high school.  It addresses each character quality with lots of tasks and projects, Bible study and verse memorization, and for older students, will go into further study with other resources and books.  It is truly wonderful!  We bought all of the things in the Character section over at Doorposts, because Plants Grown Up and Polished Cornerstones utilizes those resources often.  Find all of it here:  http://www.doorposts.com/category.aspx?id=1

We also use something called “Pathway Reader“s which has lots of stories about Christian values and character qualities.  They go by grade, but we use all different grade levels for our older ones.  Find them here:  http://www.milestonebooks.com/list/Pathway_Readers/

5.  Family Devotions:  The Bible, which we use with a ‘Read the Bible in a Year’ schedule.

We are about to try Christian Ethics for Youth, which is a study of Proverbs.  It is from Rod and Staff as well, and you can find it here:  http://www.milestonebooks.com/

However, we have used several things in the past, and still use from time-to-time, such as Character Building for Families, which you can get here:  http://www.characterbuildingforfamilies.com/ and a family devotion set from the company Pearables, which you can find out about here:  http://www.pearables.com/

All of the resources that the children need are located in our dining room/homeschool room.  We used to have a homeschool room, but we like being in the center of the house better.

All of the resources that the children need are located in our dining room/homeschool room. We used to have a homeschool room, but we like being in the center of the house better.

6.  Math:  MathUSee Algebra and Geometry.  It really is the math that you can see!  Find it here:   http://store.mathusee.com/

7.  English:  Rod and Staff Grade 7.  From the Mennonite’s, these grammar books are very thorough.  9 chances out of 10, parents will learn a thing or two, right along with their students!  Find it here:  http://www.milestonebooks.com/list/Building_Christian_English_Series/  Although my teens are going into the 10th and 11th grade, they came from public school and didn’t learn much grammar there.   Because of that, we started them in grade 4 of Rod and Staff’s grammar due to the advanced nature of their books, and we finished each book thereafter at a slower pace.  I can’t wait to start my preschoolers on Rod and Staff from the beginning, so they can learn the right way the first time!

8.  Foreign Language:  Abeka Spanish.  Can you believe that we used Rosetta Stone and actually did not like it?  From the homeschooling mom’s that I’ve polled, we might be the only ones :-).  We landed with Abeka Spanish…..although a lot more difficult, I feel that it is more thorough.  Of course, having a husband who understands the language is a big help as well!  You can find Abeka Spanish here:  http://www.abeka.com/ABekaOnline/ProductSearch.aspx?grade=&subject=FLAN&title=&sbn=

9.  Science:  Apologia Chemistry.  We hate science (isn’t that sad?)……..my kids hate science, and I hate science.  We find some things interesting, but for the most part, it just stinks for us.  With that said, we still use the most popular science curriculum for homeschoolers, Apologia.  For the best price (besides ebay of course) go here:  http://www.christianbook.com/apologia?kw=apologia%20education&mt=b&dv=c&event=PPCSRC&p=1018818&gclid=CKLB7Yqcv7gCFYp_QgodUR4Adg

10.  Writing:  IEW Bible Based Writing Lessons.  Institute for Excellence in Writing rocks……and Andrew Pudewa, the man who teaches on all of their DVD’s rocks as well!  My kids got to take his class live at the homeschool conference we went to this past June.  They love him, they love the writing program, therefore, I love it too!  You can find all their writing stuff and what we are using here:  http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/bbw

11.  History:  American History 2.   We beat to our own drum for this subject.  We use so many different resources……way too many to list individually.  We are very thorough, and we make sure that we have a full grasp on every major event before we move on.  From non-fiction books, to DVD’s, to classic literature, we are working our way through our great country’s history.  If I sounded too awesome, don’t be fooled……I have a father who is a walking American history textbook, so he is guiding our every step!

Playing and Singing Hymns is my absolutely favorite way to glorify and praise God.

Playing and Singing Hymns is my absolutely favorite way to glorify and praise God.

12.  Electives:  Life and Music.    Again, we do our own thing.  My aunt teaches my daughter piano, my son will go to a guitar instructor this year, and my husband and I teach our kids everything about life.  From keeping a home and managing children for Casey, and home and car maintenance for D.J., we want our teens to be totally prepared for their future lives.  Typing, interview skills, and job training are also on the list.

PRESCHOOL:  Here is what we use for our little ones:

1.  Main FREE Curriculum:   http://www.ourpreschoolhomeschool.blogspot.com Wow, this woman has it all together, and I am so grateful to her!   Here is how I do it:

First:  I go to her website every (2) weeks, print off all of the different visuals, laminate them, and then hang them in my dining room where my tots and I can look at them every day.

Second:  I go to the library and get all of the books we like on the reading list for that week (the curriculum is weekly, but we take 2 weeks to do each theme).

Third:  I find worksheets, coloring pages, and art projects to go along with the theme.

002Fourth:  I find worksheets, coloring pages and art projects to go along with the shape, number and alphabet we are working on for the 2 weeks.

Fifth:  I find a movie (like Jungle Book when we were studying the jungle) for our theme.

Then we begin!  After they complete their work, we hand it on the ‘Project Line’, which is hanging in our dining room.

2.  Preschool Activity Workbooks.  We use a set from Rod and Staff, which we give to the tots when they are ready.  The booklets are categorized by age, but each child reaches a skill at different ages.  You can find them here:   http://www.milestonebooks.com/

3.  READING, READING AND MORE READING!  We read, and read, and read lots of books…..anything we can get our hands on!  My little ones love their ‘story books’ more than anything we do.

There it is folks…….all laid out for the world to see!  If you have any questions about what we use, or how we use it, please email me at raisingservantsofchrist@gmail.com

Coming Soon:  Part 3.  OUR DAILY SCHEDULE, Built Around Mom’s ADHD


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