Hello Mother, Hello Father, Greetings From Camp Hiawatha……Guest Post by Oldest Daughter Casey

The Wilds Christian Camp......Here We Come!

The Wilds Christian Camp……Here We Come!

We teens are going to our very first sleep-away camp! My brother and I are super excited to be going to a Christian camp, The Wilds, with our church.  There’s so many things that they offer, like three church sermons, God and I time, and a ton of activities.  We will be away from our parents for six days…which is 144 hours, and I think 8,640 minutes (1. I am awful at math, so don’t take my word for it 🙂 2. Yes, I know I’m strange for counting, but we are an extremely close-knit family).  This will be the longest time we have been away from our parents, the previous record being 2 days…….and that was the time I didn’t freak out.  My mother and I are worried how I will cope on such a long trip.

When I was about 13, my not so familiar grandparents invited my brother and I over for three days and 2 nights.  D.J. and I were very excited, mostly because we thought it would be so “grown-up” to stay away from Mama and Daddy for such a long time.   So, away we went!  My grandparents were very kind and offered to take us go-karting, in return for helping them prepare for a cookout the very next day.  We had an amazing time, and weren’t thinking of my parents absence at all!  But later that night, I woke up crying hysterically from a nightmare and a killer headache.  So, I waited till morning and then begged my parents to come get me.  My amazing father drove two hours to pick me up, although he was supposed to pick me up the next day!  Needless to say, my grandmother was very disappointed in me and thought I had stayed only long enough to enjoy the fun stuff, whizzing away before I had to do the work. She hasn’t forgiven me since.

With this fresh in my mind, and in my mother’s mind, we’re a bit hesitant.  I’m telling everyone I’ll be just fine, but my Mama knows I’m scared to death.  Not just that I’ll miss my parents, but that it will be too overwhelming.   Here’s the big kicker… no cell phones.  The camp has good reasons, just ones that don’t apply to us. 😦  So, please pray for me as I journey out 10 hours away from my Mama and Daddy!

God’s Love,



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