Welcome Home!!!!……..We Have FINALLY Found A Church Home

** This is the follow-up post to my earlier post entitled, “Churches That Promote Family Worship, Courting, and Dating With a Purpose………Are They Out There?  which you can read here:  https://raisingservantsofchrist.com/2013/06/07/835/

I am sighing a huge proverbial sigh of relief…….as we have finally found our church home.  After praying for over a year to be pointed in the right direction, it seems as if God has finally answered our call.  While it is a very joyous occasion, it is also extremely weird and funny…….because this new church home of ours has been right under our noses all along.

As a last-ditch effort one night, I did a Google search for conservative churches in my immediate area.  We were slated to attend a new church the following Sunday, but although I was not looking forward to having a 30 minute haul with gas prices being so bad, my family had decided it would be worth it if we could just find a place where we belonged.  My search proved fruitful however, and in the eleventh hour we found a church that was only 10 minutes from our house, and was a church that we had passed a zillion times.

When God works on our lives, it is never quite the way that I have it worked out in my head.  I have laughed out loud on occasion, because He has so genuinely surprised me.  If I stress over money, I instantly pray, “Sorry, please take it Lord because I know there is nothing I can do about it, and you will provide, as always”………..and He always does.  Whether it’s a refund check from an old insurance claim, to getting a random email about signing up another art student;  He always finds a way to provide us with what we need.  It happened the same way with this church, and I never should have doubted.

The sad truth is, I did doubt.  I am usually pretty good about trusting Him completely, but by the time we finally found this church, I had worked myself into a frenzy.  I was so worried about my teens, their well-being, and if they would ever find others who were being raised the same way as they were……..it just about drove me crazy.  Serves me right, that as soon as I stopped fretting over it, we found one :-).

We got most of the things on our wish list.  We even got some things that we figured were just not available in our area, so now we KNOW that God has had His hand in it!:

1.  Hometown feel…….two days after we visited the church, two men came out to see my family.  TWO DAYS!!  At our last church we were there for almost 3 years and not one person had ever visited us, called us, or reached out to us in any way……except to mail us our tithing envelopes.  This church sent out two men who also homeschooled their children!

1.  The teens are separated into guys and girls during Sunday classes.  The youth group meeting is all together on Wednesdays, but there is no sign of video games or televisions………AND they do not promote casual dating or shy away from talking about abstaining from premarital sex.

1.    Traditional Hymns for me, with a tiny mix of contemporary music for my husband (and kids).  Traditional sermons are the norm as well, meaning that the Pastor preaches from the Bible……not just all about life experiences based on a verse or two.

3.  Lots of ministries, like a women’s ministry that would get together a pot of soup if someone was ill!

4.  HOMESCHOOLING MINISTRY!!    I could not believe it!  The man who came to our house said that the church lets homeschoolers use the church vans for field trips, and even has a small budget for such homeschooling events.  This was a huge bonus!

5.  Youth mission trips that will not break our bank.  A lot of the trips that we would have loved to see our children go on, were way out of our price range at other churches.  This church seems to know that, and has not only devised a system to help with the costs, but also a year-long course to train these kids so that they can confidently share their profession of faith with others.  I am amazed and so grateful.

Finally, we found a church that will not only give us most of what we want, but will also be open to receiving what we have to give.  I am so excited about our new church venture, and am so thankful to God and to all who have diligently prayed for my family during our search.  So thank you GOD……and thanks to all of you!





5 responses to “Welcome Home!!!!……..We Have FINALLY Found A Church Home

    • I am not sure of all of the specifics, as we have just learned about it. However, as soon as we go to the information meeting, I will email you. The way they described it to me is this: There are mission trips scheulded every three or four years for teen church members, but not all of them will get to go. All teens are eligible to participate in a year long training course to ready them to spread their faith during these missions. If a teen proves to be confident and knowledgeable, then they are selected to make the journey, and their trip is mostly paid for by the church (which is a huge deal, as some of these trips cost in excess of $3,000).

      Even if my teens are not selected to go, the training they provide seems to be an awesome opportunity!

      • sounds great, as you get more info, please let me know. It may be something that would be great to bring to my church. If anything I would love to share the info with my own kids, thanks

    • It is so great that you found a Church with all that you were looking for. I am currently looking for the same thing and having no luck, were we live people think we are crazy for our conservative values, I just keep praying God will help us find a Church.

      • I will be praying too…….I have been where you are now, and it can be frustrating and sad 😦 For us though, when we finally found our church home, it was like the clouds had parted and the Son shined His rays right down on us! People (and many family members!) think we are crazy for our conservative values as well, but just remember, it is all for Him!

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