Homeschool Drivers Ed in Virginia….ALL of the Information In One Place

Drivers Education for Homeschoolers.  Purchase program at for a major discount.

Drivers Education for Homeschoolers. Purchase program at for a major discount.

My son just went through the whole drivers education and driver license process in Virginia. If another homeschool mother did not help me, I would have spent WAY too much money on a drivers ed curriculum and I would have been searching all over trying to find out what to do. So, if you live in Virginia, have a teen who wants to get their learners permit and drivers license, here is the information that was given to me…….all in one place!

STEP ONE: Learners Permit

Your student can go into any DMV and pick up a book on obtaining a learners permit in the state of Virginia. They will need to study this book because they will have to pass a test administered at DMV.

1. Must be 15 years and 6 months of age
2. Be eligible to apply for a license in the state of Virginia: In accordance with Va. Code §46.2-328.1, the following are eligible to apply for a driver’s license or ID card: a) Citizens of the United States, b) Legal Permanent Residents of the United States, c) Conditional Resident Aliens of the United States, d) Holders of a valid, unexpired nonimmigrant visa status, e) Individuals with a pending or approved application for asylum in the United States, f) Refugees, g) Individuals with a pending or approved application for temporary protected status in the United States, h) Individuals with approved deferred action status, i) individuals with a pending application for adjustment of status to legal permanent resident status or conditional resident staus.
3. Obtain the Virginia’s Driving Manual from DMV OR you can study it online here (PDF file and must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print):
4. Study book…..**HINT- make sure that you know your signs!! Many kids have failed the test because they did not memorize the road signs and whatnot!**
5. Have the following documents to take to DMV with you, in order to take the test: visit this web address to see the list of documents that you can use (PDF file):
6. Fill out the application from DMV to obtain a learners permit: You can print one off, fill it out, and bring it with you. You can find the form here (PDF file):
7. Have the student take the test from DMV (in the DMV location nearest you)
8. Pay the fee (sometimes you have to pay the fee before the test) You can find out how much it costs here (PDF file):
9. If the student passed the test, an official learners permit will be mailed to you.

If your homeschool student fails the exam:

Under age 18, by law you must wait a full 15 days before you can retake the exam. Age 18 or older, you must pay a $2.00 re-examination fee if you retake the exam within 15 days. If you fail the knowledge test three times, you must take the classroom portion of a Driver Education Course and follow the steps outlined below to prepare for retesting. Study the Virginia Driver’s Manual (DMV 39). Enroll in the classroom component of the Driver Education Course from an approved correspondence school, a public or private school or DMV approved driver training school. Present the original of one of the following forms to a DMV customer service representative as proof of course completion. Photocopies will not be accepted. Certificate from an approved correspondence course. DTS-B form from a Driver Training School. DEC-1 form from a public/private school. DTS-C form (Classroom Module for Driver Training Course). Retake the Driver General Knowledge Test at DMV.

STEP TWO: Drivers Education

Drivers education does not have to cost a lot of money, check out this program:

1. You can get an online Drivers Ed curriculum for about $60.00. It is only for one student, but really cheap compared to others. Your student reads everything online and then takes each section test online. Once your student has finished the entire course, they are mailed a certificate that you will take to DMV. The program is called DriversEd and you can read some frequenty asked questions here: Once you decide to purchase it, make sure that you buy it here: (I do not get paid a penny for you purchasing it here, but if you want to buy it discounted, then you want to buy it from them) **MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AFTER YOU ORDER THE COURSE! You are paying Homeschooling Buyers Co-Op, NOT DriversEd themselves (so you can get a discount), so they will tell you exactly what you need to do.
2. Have your student complete the DriversEd course AFTER you get a confirmation email from DriversEd, which will state that you may start.

STEP THREE: Wait for your DriversEd certificate stating that your student has passed and completed the course.

STEP FOUR: Mail the following documents to DMV: at this address:
Department of Motor Vehicles
Commercial Licensing Work Center
P. O. Box 27412
Richmond, VA 23269-0001

1. Your DriversEd course completion certificate (MUST BE THE ORIGINAL, NO PHOTOCOPIES ARE EXCEPTED…..make a copy of it before you send it)
2. Copy of your current school year Notice Of Intent to Homeschool from your Superintendent’s office (this CAN be a photocopy….do NOT mail your original)
3. The form ‘Home-Schooled In-Car Driver Education Parental Authorization Application’ (make a copy before you send it) You can find out information about this form here (PDF file): You can find the form and print it off from here (PDF file):

STEP FIVE: Wait for a letter of approval from DMV

STEP SIX: Record instruction hours behind the wheel. Your child must complete the following from Module 11 of Curriculum Scope and Sequence Modules for Driver Education in Virginia: You can find this module and a form to log instruction hours here (PDF file):

1. 7 periods (50 minutes each) of driving (at least 50 miles)
2. 7 periods (50 minutes each) of observation. If no other student is taking the course, the child may observe the parent/guardian driving, utilizing the lesson plans in the training book, Module 11.
3. No more than 2 periods of instruction in any 24-hour period (1 period of driving and 1 period of observing) Training received prior to the date of the Letter of Authorization will not be credited toward the in-car requirements.
4. In addition, a parent/guardian/foster parent must provide at least 45 hours of driving time, 15 hours of which must occur after

STEP SEVEN: Go to DMV for your student to take their Drivers Road Test AFTER they are at least 16 years and 3 months of age. Take the following things with you:

a. Learners Permit (MUST HAVE THIS)
b. Birth Certificate (just in case)
c. Copy of Notice of Intent to Homeschool letter signed by your Superintendent (just in case)
d. Copy of DriversEd course completion certificate (just in case)
e. Copy of the form ‘Home-Schooled In-Car Driver Education Parental Authorization Application’ that you filled out and mailed to DMV (just in case)
f. Copy of Driving Instruction Hours
g. Original copy of letter that DMV mailed back to you stating that you were approved to instruct your student at home. (MUST HAVE THIS)

1. Give DMV any forms that they request. The reason I told you to bring the above documents “just in case” is because not everyone in DMV is familiar with homeschoolers and the policies in place by DMV for homeschool driving students. It is better to have everything that you possess with you, instead of having to go home to retrieve something (the lines at DMV are brutal where we live!)
2. Take the Driving Test with the instructor.
3. Get your Virginia Driver Training Certificate – Home-Schooled (HS 2) Upon successful completion of the road skills test, DMV will issue a Virginia Driver Training Certificate – Home-Schooled (HS 2). The parent/guardian must sign the HS 2. When accompanied by a valid Virginia Learner’s Permit, the HS 2 will serve as a driver’s license.

STEP EIGHT: Wait for the court to notify you of the date for the Licensing Ceremony. The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in your jurisdiction will notify the parent/guardian and minor to attend the licensing ceremony at which time the permanent license is presented.

YOUR DONE! Good luck, and be safe.

**Disclaimer** This is all information that I got from friends, DMV and the internet. It is all applicable as of May 2013. Please check all site links above to make sure that the information that you are getting is still applicable at the time that you are reading this.


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  1. I have referred to this page as a reminder for each of my kiddos when they have reached this milestone. Thank you so much for your time and for putting everything in “one place” for busy homeschooling mamas!

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