Josh and Anna Duggar in Washington D.C……….Will They Get Their Own Show?

Josh and Anna Duggar New Family Photo

Josh and Anna Duggar New Family Photo

It occured to me one night……..Josh and Anna are probably going to get their own show after the move.  After all, film crews will have to be specifically assigned to them now, being they will live so far away from Mama and Papa Bear Duggar.  According to the many visitors that read my posts about this ‘large-family-in-the-making’ each day, there is tons of interest in Josh’s new job and how the young couple and their growing brood will cope in a big city.   For years now, Josh and Anna have been holding their own in the story-line department on the Duggars show, and they do not fail to entertain.  I am not a television producer, but it would seem worth the risk to develop a spinoff.

The Bates Family from United Bates of America

The Bates Family from United Bates of America

We all remember last year’s spinoff of the Duggars show, United Bates of America, at least long-time Duggar fans do.  Personally, I absolutely loved the show, as did countless other diehards, but that wasn’t enough to keep it on the air for more than one season.  It is a sad, sad world in which we live in, that the Bates could not demand enough followers because they are too ‘squeaky clean’.  I found, and still find, their family to be refreshing and inspirational.  Gil and Kelly Bates seem to be the sweetest and most humblest couple I have ever witnessed, and their day-to-day family life makes me want to strive for better things for my own family.  I won’t climb up on my soap box, but isn’t that what the Christian families out there need to be watching, instead of some of the secular garbage they entertain themselves with?  One can only speculate that God had His hand in it, to prevent the Bates from being jaded or influenced by reality television.  Ok, I’m done, I promise.

If there is a spinoff officially in the works, I could not find the proof, but I have a feeling there is.  I do not see how the folks over at TLC will be able to naturally splice together the two long-distance families into the original show, ’19 Kids and Counting’.  There will be much for Josh and Anna to do with the move, the new job, and adjusting to having three young children without all of those hands to help over at the Duggar Dynasty………mixing snippets of those events in with what the Duggar family is doing all the way over in Arkansas just doesn’t seem like good television making to me.

I am not sure which person’s plight I am more interested in, but it’s probably Anna’s.  I am always eager to see how other mothers out there manage their families and deal with more than two children.  Josh’s experiences are exciting as well, but I am not sure how much promotion that TLC will be willing to give to his new employer, Family Research Council……and that is to say if Family Research Council would even be willing to allow cameras into their daily operations!  I am sure there are protocols and regulations that would have to be followed, and that makes for a lot of red tape.  Of course, this is television…….the land where anything is possible and hoops that would take the common man years to jump through are mere stepping stones for the entertainment elite.

Either way, I will be tuning in…….and forever thankful for all that the Duggars have brought to the world since that very first documentary, “14 Children and Pregnant Again!” 

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